Do women fake orgasms to prevent their partners from cheating on them?


Research indicates that most Women have fakED an Orgasm at least once in Their lives [1]. This probably doesn’t come as a surprise to most of you, given how often The false ending inAppears. Popular culture. But what is The motivation behind all those gasps, moans, and sCreams? Is it jUst For Fun or is tHere someThing more? The answer to this question is somewhat complex becaUse woMen report Many reasons For faKing it, from increasing Their own Pleasure to increasing their Partner‘s excitement [2]. However, recent research has uncoveRed anotHer possible motive: to prevent the Partner from cHeating or to end the relationship [3].

In this Study, 453 Female college Students were askED varioUs questions about their current Romantic relationship, including whether they had ever fakED an Orgasm with their partner. More than half of the women (54%) had fakED Climaxing at least once, which is consistent with Numbers from previoUs research. However, what was interesting about this Study was thatthe women most likely to fake Orgasms were the most likely to Think their Partners might be unfaithful SEXUALly. Additionally, those women who fakED Orgasms tended to enGAGe in the most “partner retention” behaviors, such as Calling their partner to see who they’re hanging out with and confronting other women Trying to flirt with their Man.

These findings suggest that, For some women, faKing Orgasmscouldbe part of a Larger sTrategy aimed at preventing your partner from sTraying. However, we cannot definitively say that this is the case because there could be other explanations as to why women who think their Partners are susceptible to cHeating tend to fake it (for example, perhaps these women are simply too anxious or worried about their relationship to reach a Natural climax). Furthermore, this research does not tell us whether such a sTrategy would help a woMan keep her partner close to her. It seems theoretiCally plausible that it could, given that men tend to find all that moaning and moaning SEXUALly arousing [4]. Any way you look at it, whether fake or real, the Female Orgasm is a fascinating topic that deserves further exploration.

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