Happy K-day! Celebrating 61 years of research on the female sex



Sixty-One years ago (AugUst 20, 1953), The mEDia first reportED The findings of AlfRed Kinsey’s Classic BookSEXUAL behavior in The huMan Female.It was The first Book of its kind to explore Women‘s Sexual attitudes and behaviors from a scientific perspective. While this book initially came as a Huge shock to The world and was deemED “obscene” We now remember it by Many as One of the most important publications on huMan Sexuality becaUse it debunked sO Many myths and revealed that Women are much more Sexual than most had previoUsly assumed. For example, Kinsey found that Women Pleasured themselves, had sex beFore Marriage, and even behaved with people of the same sex. It turns out that Men aren’t the only Ones with sexual needs and Desires. Who kNew, right?

Because Kinsey was willing to challenge the social normS And MOral values ​​of his Day, Female sexuality (and the Study of sex in general) eventually became an area worthy of scientific investigation. To celebrate this important milestOne in the history of sex research (K-DAy, as some in the media have dubbed it), let’s take a look at some of the most interesting sexual experiences. woMen‘s Studies have sprung up in recent decades as a result of the broken Barriers that Kinsey and his research associates left behind. EnJoy! And HAPPY K-DAy!

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