Macrophilia: sexual attraction to giants and giantesses



Sigmund Freud once arguED that huMan beings are “perverse polymorphs” which means we have The potential to develop a SEXUAL interest in jUst about anyThing. Yes, we all know that Freud had his share of wacky ideas over the years; however, this was not One of them. In fact, if I’ve learnED anyThing throughout my Career as a Sex educator and reseArcher, it’s this: if you can think about it, tHere’s probably someOne out tHere who is SEXUALly Aroused.

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will know that I have previoUsly written about Many unUsual SEXUAL interests, frompeople who derive Sexual AROUSAL from insect bites(Formicophilia) topeople who get sexual Pleasure from feeding otHers and watching them gain weight(feederism) toAdults who find acting baby and/or weaRing diapers sexually aroUsing(autonepiophiliaor Adult Baby Syndrome).

However, one fascinating sexual interest that I guess most of you are probably unaware of ismaCrophilia, a term referRing to people who find people or Giant creatures to be sexually arousing. In fact, macrophilia literally means “Lover of the great”. And we’re talKing very, very BIG. In fact, Many macrophiles fantasize about people who are so BIG they could squash you like a bug.

I recently wrote an article on macrophilia inPlayboy, in which I exploRed the psychology behind this sexual interest. I was prompted to do this by the discovery that macrophilia Pornography saw a Huge jump in search Traffic last year, acCording tofrom Pornhub. annual reporton viewer Trends.

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