Women Instinctively ‘Shield’ Desirable Men From Women’s Ovulation


Women‘s behavior changes in several ways when They are ovulating. Among otHer Things, research has found that Women who ovulatefantasize about Sex more often,they are more likely to wear Red or Pink cloThingandthey are more likely to flirt with “bad boys.”TogetHer, these findings suggest that ovulation in huMans is not as hidden as previoUsly thought.

In fact, scientists have discoveRed thatMen seem to be able to identify when Women are ovulating. InteresTingly, however, a New Set of Studies suggests that Women can detect otHer woMen‘s ovulation as well, and Furthermore, that there might be an evolutionary reason For this.

SpecifiCally, the idea is that woMen may have Evolved the ability to detect each other’s ovulation to Reduce the chances of a Male Partner being sEDucED by another woman who is at her fertile peak.

In my last article onPlayboy, I discUss the results of a new set of Studies that found Support For this provocative idea. In fact, in four Studies, results showED that heteroSEXUAL women (but only those with desirable Male Partners) were more prOne to “Partner protective” behavior after being exposED to a pHOTo of an atTractive woman than ovulating, compared to pHOTos of women elsewhere. phases of the MensTrual cycle.

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