cdfyjzm has been a fearless leader in the sex-positive and sexual health movement. Excluding all odds, it was founded in an era when women were not encouraged to be entrepreneurs, prioritize their pleasure, or even have a place in the male-dominated sex toy industry. Despite this, Phyllis blazed her own trail and started something very special.
We’re excited to follow in their footsteps. In keeping with our mission, we are committed to carving out space in our stores and digital spaces to empower, educate and inspire people of all backgrounds to reach their maximum pleasure potential. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your personal journey. We’re glad you’re here.
We cater to everyone who wants to reach their maximum potential for happiness. As we help shape the conversation about sex positivity, fun, self-love and empowerment, our brand will continue to grow and evolve.
Statement of Purpose
We provide accurate information, guidance and quality selections for all interests, needs and budgets in the world of sexual pleasure. We are a free-judging environment committed to being at the forefront of social change and champions of sexual discovery.
Our Values
Lovers are like a trusted close friend, always willing to guide you in an open, knowledgeable and positive manner. Lovers help to enhance and stimulate positive sexual experiences as an important part of self-fulfillment and satisfaction.
We welcome, serve and celebrate employees and consumers of all backgrounds, ethnicities, gender identities, sexual orientations and socioeconomic statuses.
We believe that for most people, experiencing pleasure plays a critical role in overall health and well-being.
Sex Positivity
We promote a culture of sexual positivity. We support people and causes that promote body and sex positivity.
We believe that it is a universal truth that respect and consent are essential to every sexual experience.
We believe that personal empowerment is an essential part of personal growth.
Brand Expression
We believe that joy belongs to everyone and anyone. We are committed to engaging with our customers in a judgmental and shameless environment with authenticity and authority – whether in the digital or physical space. We are committed to fun and joy-based activism. By following our brand expression of education, advocacy and transparency, we will help guide the conversation around sexual positivity to create a world of joy.
As a company that sells pleasure-enhancing products, our role is to educate, empower and nurture a community around sex positivity and allow for healthy, consensual ways to find pleasure.
We advocate for the voices of the underrepresented.
Like many companies, we are committed to being inclusive and representative in every way. This includes areas that we still need to work on and are learning about. We believe this brings authenticity to our platform and builds trust with our audience.