Lovers Special Edition Goji Berry Bliss Pheromone Infused Bath Bubbler


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Sink into Pleasure with The Goji Berry Bath Bubbler by Sensuva, sold exclUsively at Lovers!

A Lovers ExclUsive Scent

This goji Berry SCENTED bubble Bath is infUsED with Aroma magnifiers designED to draw out your BODY’s Natural Pheromones. Set The tOne For your evening with 1-2 caps of this colorful bath mixer. Running bath Water allows this Gel to be gently foldED into your bath, creating Thick, Pillowy Blankets of bubbles For a Luxurious spa-like TreatMent. Each BIG Flirt Bath Mixer is designED to compleMent Sensuva’s line of SCENTED, Pheromone-infUsED Massage Oils, For a SCENTED experience that starts in The bath and ends in the bedroom.

These stateMents have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug AdMinisTration. These Products are not intended to diagnose, Treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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