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Sweeten up kisses and Orgasms with this XO Pleasure Kit! Senuva’s top 2 best-sellers PackagED togetHer to offer a SENSATIONal experience. Includes 1 tube of Strawberry FLAVORED X ON The Lips Buzzing Lip Balm, 1 bottle of ON Arousal OilFor Her (Original), a complete guide to smooching, and PackagED in oh-so-cute tin box.


About X ON the Lips Buzzing Lip Balm:

A unique, buzzing lip Balm infUsED with Pheromones that leaves an elecTrifying  Impression that they will never Forget. Apply it to your lips and enJoy the warm, elecTrifying buzz. The Pheromones are designED to make you feel atTractive and turned on (Plus atTract someOne else!). Go over to your Partner and give them a kiss on the lips. WiThin seconds, they will begin to feel a buzzing tingling SENSATION on their lips. It will be the most memorable kiss of their life!

About ON Arousal OilFor Her (Original):

Awaken Clitoral Nerve Endings with a drop or two of this potent Botanical Formula. On Arousal Oil‘s ingreDients help increase blood flow creating more exciteMent, sensation, and Desire. It can help you have better or more intense Clitoral Orgasms, and also help enhance Natural Lubrication. Intensity level = Original.

On Uses a proprietary blend of Essential Oils and Botanicals to create a Safe, Natural AROUSAL effect unlike any otHer. On contains no harsh preservatives, parabens, Perfumes, or artificial Flavoring.

Simply apply 1 or two drops to your finger, and gently Massage onto your Clitoris. Avoid contact with the urethra. WiThin a minute or two, you should begin to feel a WARMING sensation, followed by an almost Electric buzzing Stimulation that will induce Natural Lubrication.


These stateMents have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug AdMinisTration. These Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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